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"Music has the power to shape culture and to change minds. We’re definitely in a “precarious” time, and artists are usually empathic, albeit strong minded people, so there is a responsibility to use this time to voice what we’re seeing and what effect it’s having."

-Cari Golden


About precarious records


Precarious Records is a Los Angeles based record label launched by electronic music vocalist and songwriter Cari Golden. Golden’s decades long career is prolific and has netted a few well-known collaborations with some of the underground’s cornerstone talents like Pan-Pot, Coyu, Noir, DJ T, Fur Coat, Reinier Zonneveld and Anja Schneider. Known for dark lyrical content and chameleon like vocals, Golden says the aim of Precarious Records is to bring subtle refinement to the fore while keeping a sense of drama in dance driven pieces. 

Launching into the business side of things with the a minimalistic and yet whomping driver of a tune called Using The Music, Golden’s collaboration with Berliners Kiki and Smash TV definitely delivers a punch. The solid lineup of future releases is set to shake dance floors across genres, creating ear worms and great nights. 



The Precarious Records Team

cari golden

Label Manager

Cari Golden is one of the most recognized voices in the dance music. Her music is given equal weight in festivals as it is in tiny, sweaty, dirty after hours, boats and rooftops all over the world. The focus is on writing songs that paint a real scene and make a person feel that they’re living inside that story. It’s not showy or bombastic, but subtle and more often than not, a bit twisted. But words mean different things depending on the voice singing them. Cari Golden’s vocal quality has been described as sexy, sultry, convincing, alluring, hypnotic, sick, twisted, angelic, demonic and anesthetic. The personification of something “other” translates into songs that become living entities in their own right. 


jenniffer bailey


A&R, Promotions, Event Management

Jenniffer “Jenwa” Bailey is a veteran of the dance music community with two decades of history traversing the globe in pursuit of the best music and events. A staple of the Los Angeles backline, Jenwa is the gatekeeper and event organizer for successful LA events Deep, Prototype, and Do-Lab. A master connector, Jenwa brings her deep knowledge of the inner workings of the dance music world to knit together people and projects. You can reach Jenwa with demos at


News & Updates





Fever in the air

Precarious 03 - Fever in the Air by Cari Golden & DifferentMe | a deep house driver with understated polish and seductive pull. The story describes what happens when you can no longer fight an impulse. Discipline succumbs to desire, will succumbs to whim.


Precarious 02 - alive by la producer translucent is a sexy acid techno piece that is a journey into the dark, glitchy, gorgeous and unique.

using the music

Using the music. Abusing the music. Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference. It seemed fitting to launch Precarious Records with this idea. The level of skill and aesthetic brought by talented Berlin based producers Kiki and Smash TV (Holger Zilske and Kai Preussner) is refined, to say the least. Impeccable production and a flair for unusual sound combinations accomplishes an altogether different set of algorithms, defying expectation and unraveling lushly like the movements in a symphonic piece. Los Angeles based Cari Golden's vocal boomerangs back and forth between sentiments, conjuring a hypnotic haze that stands deftly in juxtaposition to the track's sharp angles. Classy with bite pretty much sums up Using The Music. We hope you enjoy Precarious Records debut release and we thank you for your support as we start our journey.

Cari Golden on the road

Summer 2016 / European Tour

Join dance music vocalist and songwriter Cari Golden as she goes on tour to Malta and Ibiza for the summer 2016 closing parties.

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